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Why Do You Need A Professionally Designed Company Stationery?

Company stationery is such an everyday part of doing business that it has become expected from business professionals. Doing business means that you need to promote your company whether its through a branded letterhead on a piece of paper or a branded company e-mail address. People are weary of business people who communicate in their own capacity. Think about it would you take an investment advisor seriously if he sent you an e-mail from a Free account? What if his business card was a multi-coloured piece of paper without a corporate logo or a landline number? Company stationery isnt a luxury anymore ; its a necessity. Investing in your company stationery is worth spending the time and effort into choosing a corporate identity and the accompanying stationery. It will give the business a sense of identity which will be used by clients as a form of brand recognition. Printed company stationery will also make a business look organised and professional. The following should be considered when deciding on company stationery:

Logo All of the paperwork that a company produces should have the company logo on it. This includes correspondence and marketing material and can extend to websites and e-mails. The logo should identify the core business of the company. Always order enough company stationery to have stock on hand for six months.

Envelopes This should ideally have the company logo, business name and information printed on them. Billing envelopes are different from standard correspondence envelopes, so it might be worthwhile to have two different types printed.

Business cards These are essential, especially if the business relies on reps in the field to sell a product or service. Business cards should have the company logo, name, purpose and business details and any other relevant information necessary for networking purposes.

Billing This should be dedicated company stationery and should include the company logo, name and business details at the top.

Gift Items Imprinted corporate gifts and promotional products will leave a lasting impression. A unique corporate gift can be personalized or branded with your company logo or business message. Whether you are looking for elegant executive gifts, presents for business associates, or recognizing employees, we have the expertise and luxury products to assist you. We will partner with you to find the logo corporate gifts and awards that will best achieve your marketing goals and show your appreciation.